Rathdrum Post 154

Are You a Victim?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Were you exposed to toxic chemicals during your military service? 
  • Were you raised on or near a military base?
  • Do you have a parent or grandparent who served in the military?

This page of Post 154's website is devoted to education; about toxic exposure during military service (or as a military dependent), about the effects of that exposure on your long term health, including possible damage to your DNA, and about the potential health effects in your descendants.

There are 2 parts to this campaign. First, direct information which will be posted here and will be general in nature. And second, true stories called "The Faces of Agent Orange".

“The Faces of Agent Orange” is a nationwide Vietnam Veterans of America effort to help people see those who were affected by Agent Orange and other toxins, in Vietnam.

After the United States established that Agent Orange could be linked as the cause of many Vietnam veterans’ medical conditions, the veterans want the research to be done on how their children and grandchildren may have been affected. Committees have been formed to share stories and discuss possible health links to Agent Orange.

Stories will be reposted on our webpage HERE.

Below is a partial list of chemicals put together by the Veterans' Affairs Pubic Health Department. It covers only some of the categories of toxins known, or presumed, to cause diseases, and to which service men and women were - and contiue to be - exposed.