Rathdrum Post 154


In Memoriam


It is with reverence we remember our friends and loved ones who died in service to their country, or have since passed. 

$365 from Paula Atwood who wrote:  “I cannot provide one name…. a single Veteran I wish to honor with my donation.  So this donation is given, not to draw special attention to any specific war, Veteran, POW or MAI.  It is simply to give honor and show faith for each and every past and living American soldier, sailor and airman/airwoman….whether known specifically by their name…or those known only to God”

$365 from Len and Mary Crosby who wrote:  “We enclose our Veteran Remembrance Donation to American Legion Post 154.  With this donation we wish to remember Len’s Grandfather, Army Captain Leonard Crosby Sr. who served our Country in World War I and our Fathers, Army Brig. General Leonard A. Crosby, Jr. who served our Country for 38 years in World War II, Korea and Vietnam; and Air Force Staff Sgt. Roy Hibner who served our Country in World War II.”

Honor and remember a veteran who touched your life, and at the same time help our local veterans.

Please consider joining our Memorial Program by donating to Manuel Schneidmiller​ American Legion Post 154 either:

______ a dollar a day ($365)

______ a dollar a week ($52)

______ a dollar a month ($12)

______ or some other amount you choose

The American Legion Post will include the name of the Veteran and any details you wish to share about their service to our Country and our Community on this memorial webpage, and in each of its Monthly Newsletters throughout the year.  We will also send an electronic copy of our monthly Newsletter to you.

This is a perfect way for you to HONOR and REMEMBER your special Veteran and support the work the American Legion does to help our local Veterans and those from our Community actively serving in our Military.  Send your tax deductible donation and information on your loved one to:

MANUEL SCHNEIDMILLER AMERICAN LEGION POST 154                                     




Questions? E-Mail:  rathdrum154@gmail.com