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Freebies & Deals for Vets

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If you're looking for more discounts, consider downloading a new app, called "Discount Soldier" which is a free app that gives you the ability to quickly find confirmed military discounts, right on your smartphone.                                                                     Check it out here: http://www.discountsoldier.com/ 

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How to make up a strong and more secure password.

Passwords should never be a name and date. Criminals can crack those in seconds.  Best way is to have them at least 12 letters long with a combination of upper and lower case, numbers and symbols. Make up one you can remember. For example: The American Legion lobbies for veterans' rights. Meeting 4th Thursday each monthSo the password is TALlfv'r.M4Wem! Just make up a couple of sentences that mean something to you and take the first letter of each word along with punctuation points to make the password up. - Bryan Bledsoe