Rathdrum Post 154

Post 154 Sales

The programs and services Post 154 is or will be offering require funds.Those funds come directly from fundraising efforts. From small sales to large,they all count and help us help veterans, their families, children and the community. So step up and open your wallet! Items for sale are available at the meetings or from members.


Ball Cap Sale

Gold lettering on a blue size-adjustable ball hat.


Post 154 Shirts

Recently, members have expressed an interest in our Post shirts, so I have put together an information sheet.  Let me remind everyone that these shirts are not just for our Veteran members, but also for spouses. - Sue Fevold

1.  Emblem & embroidery will go on the LEFT side of a NO POCKET GARMET.  On a POCKET GARMET, the pocket goes on the left, with the emblem & embroidery on the RIGHT.  Please note that ALL GARMETS ARE NAVY BLUE.

2.  Shirts offered include the following 5 items:

      A.  T- Shirt, (no pocket)

      B.   Pocket T-Shirt,

      C.   Polo (this has a collar)

      D.  Pocket Polo (this has a collar & pocket

      E.  Hoodie (this is a sweatshirt) –up to 3X (4X available in another brand)

      F.  If you would like a “tall” garment, please add $1.50 to listed price.

Tax is included in price. 

The Post can accept checks or cash. Please make checks payable to: American Legion Post 154. 

If you have any questions before our meeting, Sue can be reached by email: Schoolmarm66@hotmail.com  or by phone at 208-916-5149.