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This page is dedicated to news of an urgent or time limited nature. Check back here often!


Below is a proposed bylaw amendment that would change our meeting days from Wednesdays to Thursdays. This was at the request of ur host, The Lions Club. This amendment will be voted on at the August 23rd general meeting. Note that this meeting is on Thursday.




A Motion was made at the last General Membership Meeting on Wednesday July 25, 2018 to change the days of the Post 154 Membership Meeting and Executive Committee Meeting. The Membership Meeting is the only one that is set in the bylaws.


Motion by Len Crosby to give notice to the membership to amend the bylaws and change the meeting days for Post 154 to the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month – second by Bob Kernan

Motion Carried


The following amendment will be voted on at the next membership meeting on Thursday August 23, 2018. Red lettering shows the proposed day change and strikeout shows what it currently states.


Article IX – Meetings


Section 1.        The regular meeting of the Post shall be held at a suitable facility on the 4th Thursday Wednesday of each month, at which may be transacted such business as may properly be brought up for action; such meetings may be converted into entertainment meetings, as may be deemed advisable by the officers of the Post.


Another motion was made to change the meeting dates until a bylaws change can be voted on at the next meeting on Thursday August.


Motion by Len Crosby to make an emergency change to meeting days for Post 154 to the 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month awaiting the change of the bylaws – second by Todd Halvorson Motion Carried    


August Meetings will be as follows: 

            Executive Committee Meeting Thursday August 9th at Rathdrum Lions Club @ 6 pm

            Membership Meeting Thursday August 23rd at Rathdrum Lions Club @ 6 pm